[VIDEO] « Remember », le nouveau bijou des frères Allani’s interprété par Leila Allani

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Découvrez le nouveau titre, « Remember », écrit et produit par les frères Allani’s, et interprété par Leila Allani. Un track 100% tunisien !

[verse 1]
Your smile is still singing that same little melody, I can’t get it out of my mind
I’ve been dreaming about you last night I was hoping that you will wake up by my side
I’ve been waiting for you to prove you I can be more than the girl you just left
And now I’m standing alone just looking for something that would bring me back where I messed.


[verse 2]
I tried to do my best to keep you far from my person, and I still remember that day I realized you really count for me. 1,2,3 disappeared like when the wind just snatch a tree, Make it free. so sorry I couldn’t make it happen as you asked for me.
Miss that time when you come at home, healing that person alone. My feelings haunt me like a cancer is eating my bones. All this years I’ve been watching you burning my soul, no more, no more, It feels like I can’t take it anymore.


Wake up, just get up, you need to forget that paradise
Go out, discover the world, I know you can born again and rise
Keep that smile away from me


*All the song’s rights goes to Allani’s Records*



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